Agis Stinas – Memoires [lest Projekt]

Eine kurze autobiografische Anmerkung

Im Alter von vierzehn oder fünfzehn wurde ich als sehr junger Mann von sozialistischen Ideen beeinflusst, mit achtzehn widmete ich mich der Bewegung zur Befreiung der Arbeiterklasse …

A Brief Autobiographical Note 7

Very young, from the age of fourteen or fifteen, I was influenced by socialist ideas and at eighteen I dedicated myself to the movement for the liberation of the working class.
I took my party card in May 1920, the day of my twentieth birthday. According to the statutes you had to have reached twenty to join, but for a long time I had fought actively for the principles of the October revolution and to purify the Corfu socialist group of its elements which were foreign to socialism.
I fought in the ranks of the Communist Party, and in more responsible positions, until the end of 1931. Then I passed over to Trotskyism. Like many others I had the illusion that it represented the revolutionary wing of the movement. Officially I was a member of the Fourth International until the middle of 1947. But in reality perhaps I never was. There was not much of a relation between what the groups I belonged to defended and what the Fourth International defended.

This appeared clearly during the war, when the International crumbled to dust.
In March 1935, after intense ideological struggles, instead of the so called “Left Opposition” a political group was created which distinguished itself from other tendencies, groups, organisations and parties by its programmatic principles, its means and forms of struggle, its combativity and the devotion and moral courage of its members. I take complete responsibility for the theses and action of this group, particularly during the war and the Occupation. It has maintained
itself and conserved its autonomy up to the present day. And, amongst the few old revolutionary groups, it remains the one (with the precious help of Castoriadis) which most pushes back that which, in the old theoretical arsenal of the movement, prevents the separation of the revolution from the Stalinist counter-revolution, and which puts into practice, without internal conflicts or
splits, that which is generally called “the spirit of the French May ’68”.

Studies and articles of mine have been published in the following journals and periodicals:
Rizospastis8 Voice of the Worker, Jeunesse ouvrière, The Revolutionary Exile (Isle of Anafi, 1926), The Tobacco Worker, The St9
This is its English title, as published by Solidarity in the UK in 1974. – Translator’s Note
I’ve written some pamphlets: Critique of the Resolutions of the Fourth Plenum of the CPG (1932), Chronical of the Group (1950), “Workers’” Parties, “Workers’” States and the Movement for the Liberation of the Working Class (1965), and I wrote the prefaces for: Socialists and War, Lenin, The Russian Revolution, Luxemburg, and Modern Capitalism and Revolution9 by Castoriadis10
Until 1926, I signed with my real name: Spyros Priftis. Starting from 1926 I was under the pseudonym A. Stinas. Other pseudonyms: Agis, Diros, Korphiatis, Philippou.

  1. 7
    Where there are references to titles of publications here in English it should be assumed that they were published in
    Greek. – Translator’s Note [zurück]
  2. 8
    The Radical, a daily created in 1916 whose editor belonged to the Greek CP from its foundation. It became the
    party’s official organ and remains so to this day. [zurück]
  3. 9
    This is its English title, as published by Solidarity in the UK in 1974. – Translator’s Note [zurück]
  4. 10
    Stinas has certainly written numerous other texts since, including a book about the Greek resistance called EAM-ELAS-OPLA and published in Athens in 1984. Translator’s Note – according to Greek comrades, this details,amongst other things, the horrific atrocities committed by the anti-fascist forces against the working class. [zurück]