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Elendiger Hunger im Lager stoppt jegliche Diskussion. Nur die stalinistischen Kader bleiben gut genährt. Nationalistische griechische Gendarmen oder italienische Faschisten, wer neigt er zu einem Akt von menschlicher Solidarität?


The camp had some stocks of flour when the German occupation began. So for the first months we had bread and it wasn’t too difficult for us to find dried beans. But the stocks became exhausted. The camp administrators told us straight out that they couldn’t do anything for our subsistence, that they had nothing. The Germans and the Italians had stated from the beginning that they had no responsibility for our supplies and that they had no obligation in that regard. We had to get by on our own.

This event is not very well-known and it seems that those who speak and write about Akhronaflia haven’t given it much importance. We were prisoners or hostages. They had locked us up in a strictly guarded prison building, awaiting the firing squads. Those who had locked us up and those who guarded us and those for whom they guarded us declared that they were in no way concerned with our subsistence. We were condemned to death by hunger. I am not aware, and in any case I have not read or heard anything about, whether a similar situation has any precedent. (mehr…)