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Die Flucht (Ende des 5. Kapitels)

Ich wollte allen LeserInnen Ante Cilgas Buch in den letzten Wochen die Gelegenheit geben, dass bisher auf deutsch unveröffentlichte Kapitel direkt als ersten Beitrag zu finden. Ferner möchte ich darauf hinweisen, dass in der Weltrevolution 163 ein ausführlicher Artikel erschienen ist (mehr). Nach dieser längeren Pause, werde ich nun weiterschreiten mit der Veröffentlichung von Agis Stinas Biografie.

Endlich die Flucht, während viele Genossen erschossen wurden. Mit diesem Absatz endet der letzte Abschnitt des 5. Kapitels.

In mid-October, after two and a half months of staying in Konistres, I decide to escape. I made it known to my friends and to the bishop. He suggested that I travel to the Middle East and hide myself in a secure place and wait. I refused, but without revealing my disagreements with the patriots. He gave me sufficient beans that I could set out with a full stomach. Apart from that, after having stabbed my leg with a needle so that you could believe it was a dog bite, this generous priest signed and sealed a letter in which it was written: “I have been bitten by a rabid dog and I must immediately be presented at the anti-rabies centre”. “You will show this document in case of a raid” he told me “I have predated it so as to make the danger more pressing and therefore the treatment more urgent”. He hugged me and wished me bon voyage and good luck. It wasn’t necessary to show the paper. But I was profoundly moved by the ingenuity and audaciousness of this bishop. (mehr…)

In Evia

In mid-July we were on our way to the railway station, around seventy political prisoners, tied up and escorted by a crowd of gendarmes. In the morning they had taken us for disinfection in the bath and the steam room, but when the commander of the escort gave the order to leave, our clothes were still in the steam room. We retrieved them as best we could and wore them crumpled and sopping wet.