Table of Contents 3
Translator’s Introduction 5
Further reading 10
Greek Initials, organisations and publications which occur in the book 11
Preface 13
Forward 17
Stinas’ Dedication 22
A Brief Autobiographical Note
By Way of a Preface 25
Table of Contents(of the French edition) 26
Chapter 2 – The Awakening of the Popular Masses 27
The first revolutionary impetus 28
The founding congress of the Communist Party of Greece
and the General Confederation of Workers
The war in Asia Minor, the Kemalist movement and
the position of the CPG
Venizelos falls, the monarchists regain power,
but the war carries on
The masses reply with strikes and
combative demonstrations
The action of the CPG members and the policy
of the central committee
Thessaloniki 1920-1921 38
The struggle against the war 43
In front of the Adrianoupoleos military tribunal,
for high treason
In Yannina 46
Deserter 47
The conference of February 1922 48
The collapse of the front, the “military revolution” and
the revolutionary crisis in Greece
The CPG in the events 51
Chapter 5 – In the Fascist Galley 55
In Aiyina 56
Return to Akronafplia 56
The assassination of Trotsky 57
The war between Greece and Italy 57
The “Provisional Leadership”, or the management
of the CPG by the Ministry of Security
The gangster methods of the Stalinists,
tolerated by the camp bosses
Hostages of the Germans 63
The attack against the USSR 65
The debates in Akhronaflia 66
Famine 67
The hungry camp nevertheless had
its well-fed occupants
The International Red Cross in the camp 69
By way of a gift,
the Stalinist gangsters attack us 70
In the transfer section of Piraeus 71

In Evia 73
The escape 74
Chapter 6 – In the Struggle for Socialist Revolution 77
The reconstitution of the group 78
Marxism and the Nation 80
Extracts from the reports
of the group at the unification congress
of the Trotskyists in July 1946 82
The first spontaneous initiatives under
the most horrific politico-military regime
that the country had ever known 86
The military action of EAM-ELAS 90
Autumn 1943 92
The war ended, but there was
neither revolution nor peace 94
The myth of the liberation of the country by EAM 96
EAM hands power to the
“national” government and participates in it 97
Our withdrawal from the DKKE and
our break from Trotskyism 100
Appendix – The USSR and the Struggle for World Revolution 103
1. Revolutionary Policy in the USSR 104
2. Bureaucracy and Counter-Revolution 104
3. The USSR in the War 106
4. The Tactic of War on Two Fronts 107
5. Revolutionary Defeatism 110